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Plane Crash

Tips on how to survive an Airplane crash

Plane crashs are often seen as catastrophic and unsurvivable events due to the thought it being a hopeless situation for victims.

Hopefully it is not the case. In a National safety board analysis report, there is 95.7% chance of surviving a plane crash. While the odds of being in a plane crash might be slim. If it happens, Here are some safety and action steps to follow;

#1. Dress comfortably and prepared:

This one is important because it would allow for swift action and also maintain body temperature. It also reduces the chances of serious injuries and burns. Cotton or stolen clothing are adviced.

#2. Have a safe seating position:

Sometimes the best place to seat in the case of a crash, is at the tail end of the aircraft. This is because a higher percentage of crashes happen with the now of the plane going down first. But the best airing position is one close to an exit point because it determines how quickly one would get out of the plane

#3. Have an Action Plan:

Humans are naturally affected by a phenomenon knoelwn as Normalcy Bias.

Normalcy Bias is a feeling that causes the brain to assume that things would be predictable and normal again. Especially after having a sudden abnormal experience. When this takes place, it takes the brain long time to process instead of taking action.

In most Airplane crashs the thing that kills most passengers is not the the actual impact the plane has with the ground, it is the fire that usually engulfs the plane afterwards.

Passengers get too relieved after impact and become unaware of the Next danger.

So in order to avoid this, have an Action plan and let it be on your mind as you go down.

#4. Brace yourself:

When it starts most people just start yelling and flapping their arms in fright as the plane goes down. The best thing to do is take a brace sitting position so you don't break any bones or gain injuries to ensure you're in good condition to make an exit when the plane hits ground. Observations from previous plane crashs shows that it takes up to 90 seconds for fire to burn through the planes aluminium fuselage and engulf the plane. So it means only 90seconds to escape.

In conclusion, set your action plan before making the flight, and when already on a flight avoid the thought of a plane crash, as it might cause unnecessary fright during flight, read the safety manual that would be given to you and always pay attention to the Air hostess.

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