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See How Much a Nigerian Pilot earns in a Month

 Being a Nigerian pilot is one of the most lucrative jobs or professions to do. Work requires caution and requires a lot of preparation, as you are flying an airplane containing lives and goods. But the end is gratifying, because thanks to their hard work in the aviation industry, this is absolutely one of the reasons why pilots' salaries reflect massive pay and rewards for the hard work they do. cross.


 How much do pilots earn in Nigeria? You are about to find out. It is argued that the salary of Nigerian pilots is higher than the monthly salary structure of the Nigerian Navy. Take, for example, an Arik pilot, who flies on an airline, would earn very well not only for his salary, but also for other allowances. No wonder pilot jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

 This article will show you the salary schedule of Nigerian pilots per month and what makes flying planes really interesting. Nigeria has twenty (20) airports and numerous landing strips and regulated heliports; 23 active national airlines; 554 licensed pilots; 913 licensed engineers and 1,700 cabin crew.

 Nigeria currently has bilateral air services agreements with more than 78 countries. From Nigeria, air travelers can fly directly to many of the world's business centers such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Dubai and Jeddah to name a few. Nigerian carriers can now fly directly to the United States of America with Category 1 certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) (USA)

 Civil aviation is one of the most regulated industries in the world. Each technical personnel, equipment and airport must be certified and supervised by competent regulatory bodies called Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). Even the CAAs themselves are in turn evaluated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other international bodies. The principles, directives and operating standards applied to civil aviation are based on the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and on the stipulated national laws and regulations.

 In Nigeria, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is the supreme regulatory body, overseeing the activities of all airlines and their pilots, engineers and cabin crew, airports, runways and helipads, navigation, all service providers, including the airport authority and the air traffic service provider, aviation training institutions, etc. The NCAA watches over the entire industry.

 The term "civil aviation" covers all non-military, commercial and private aviation. After having gone through what civil aviation is, let us focus, however, on the amount paid monthly to Nigerian pilots.

 Nigerian pilots are paid monthly taking into account a number of factors which determine their net salary at the end of the month. These factors are:

 1. Years of experience

 2. Type ratings

 3. Flight hours

 4. The airline

 5. Rank of the pilot

 In Nigeria today, a new pilot from the Nigerian aviation school with a commercial pilot license (CPL) from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) but without type rating, may find it difficult to define a job in the aviation in Nigeria. If the new pilot without type rating eventually gets a job with an airline that is willing to send him to a type rating course, that pilot can earn between N200,000-N500 - N500,000 per month depending on the company Aerial.

 In addition, a Nigerian pilot with type rating (a co-pilot) can earn between 300,000 N800,000 N and this essentially depends on the airline which employed the pilot, the aircraft on which the pilot is evaluated and his flight hours. .

 Finally, a Nigerian pilot who is a captain (the authority on the plane) earns between 500,000 and 1.5 million naira per month. The specific salary again depends on the airline and the aircraft it operates. (A Cessna captain cannot earn the same salary as a B737 captain).

 Airline pilots abroad can earn up to $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 per month (or $ 2-5 million assuming an exchange rate of 1: 200). Because you cannot compare the Emirates pilot with the local Air Peace pilots.

 If you plan to fly as a career in Nigeria; make sure you have a job plan after spending the millions they pay at Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, NCAT for training. Currently, very few planes fly in Nigeria. If you get a scholarship, grab it.

 Overview of the piloting work

 By the time you choose from the top five highest paying jobs in Nigeria, you would be sure that the profession of pilot is included. Nigerian pilots are well respected and building a career in this profession can be quite intimidating but fun. We covered it well in one of the articles on how to become a pilot in Nigeria, citing the requirements and procedures required. We know that just as law and medical courses are competitive and becoming one is expensive, it takes a lot to be a certified pilot.

 Aside from the high fees they have to pay to be prepared in aviation schools, entering a flight school is very serious and given the difficult procedure, it is normal that only a few pilots obtain the certification required for pilot a plane. It is not enough just to leave a flight school, it is fundamental that you obtain a prepared and qualified pilot's license before being considered as one. In this way, each of these techniques makes the pilot work exceptionally unique of its kind, old and fulfilling.

 Elements that determine the salary of a Nigerian pilot

 There are so many important factors to consider in knowing what a Nigerian driver earns per month or on an annual basis. This guarantees equity in the sector or the aeronautical sector, where pilots mainly work. These factors include:

 The positioning of the pilot i.e. his command

 Long periods of pilot experience

 The amount of pilot flight hours from month to month

 The plane or airline in which the pilot works

 Flying a plane is not easy at all and that is the reason why pilots got high salaries at the end of each month, because of the risks involved. Also, given the preparedness put in place to become a pilot and the money hired to go to class as licensed, it doesn't shock anyone why people who take effect are paid in millions of naira as annual wages.

 Pilot salary structure in Nigeria (2020)

 The salary structure of pilots in Nigeria depends on their position and their grade. Here is the salary structure of pilots in the country.

 Here is a table showing the structure of pilots' salaries in Nigeria according to their ranks:

 RankPositionSalary01Flight Captains N500,000 to N1 million for local pilots. From 1 million to 2 million naira for international flyers 02 First senior officer Around 800,000 003 First officers Between 300,000 004 Novice pilots About 200,000 to 500,000 N

 Also, we would be discussing these ranks of various pilots and how much they are paid monthly

 New / novice pilots

 Pilots who are new to airplane flying and recently graduated from the flight school must initially obtain an NCAA which is essentially an airplane flight permit called CPL (Commercial Pilot License). However, the novice pilot is not positioned at this stage because the individual has no work experience.

 Most aircraft are reluctant to use pilots with little or no expertise experience.

 Normal compensation for inexperienced pilots is around 200,000 N. However, some commercial carriers settle up to 500,000 N. First, the carrier should help the novice pilot to experience more preparation and preparation. affirmation in what are called "type qualification courses". They would initially be assessed as a junior flight officer and flight officers.

 First officer and senior officers

 As I said earlier in the article, Nigerian pilots have their ranks and higher are the main officials - referred to as the FO and first senior officers. Obviously, they have various type qualifications, which involves their assessments, which is also an important determinant of what they earn as a PO or OFS.

 First officers and senior first officers regularly earn between 300,000 and 800,000 N as their salary. However, as I indicated earlier, the specific rates of pay for an FO and an SFO depend on the aeronautical organization using them, the expert experience they have acquired and the amount of hours they fly from month to month, which could be used to judge their wages.

 Aviation captains

 The contrast between what a flight manager and another pilot without acquired expert experience is unquestionably evident. The salary earned by the Nigerian flight commander is determined based on the airline on which he works, the amount of flight hours per month and professional experience as well as the qualifications / certificates obtained.

 For a Nigerian captain who flies locally, the average monthly salary could range from 500,000 N1 to N1 million consistently, while if the captain flies internationally, the salary would drop from 1 million N2 to N2 million consistently.

 Best pilot training schools in Nigeria

 The best aviation schools to train as an expert pilot in Nigeria include

 Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)

 The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology located in Zaria, Kaduna State, is the most experienced and official flight school in Nigeria, where citizens who are citizens of the country and require comprehensive training , because expert pilots must be trained.

 Other different schools preparing pilots in the country are; Landover Aviation Business School (LABS), International Aviatuon College (IVC), Kwara, Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS) and Universal School of Aviation.

 Cost of the pilot training school

 Students are expected to spend up to 7 million naira or more on tuition and other essential prerequisites to prepare for how to manage and fly aircraft. The amount is high, but it comes with self-esteem, a significant salary increase as a certified Nigerian pilot, and there is room for a good career to come with time.

 Airlines in Nigeria to work as a pilot

 These are airlines operating in the country where the services of professional pilots are required;

 ADC Airlines PLC, Air Nigeria, Arik Airline, Bellview Airlines, EAS Airlines, Aero Contractors, Allied Air Associated Aviation, Capital Airlines, Dornier Aviation Nigeria, Kabo Air, Air Peace, Allied Air, IRS Airlines, Pan African Airlines, Air Afrique, Air France, KLM, Air India, Atlantic Express, Alitalia, British Airways, Bellview Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Ghana Airways, Kenya Airways, Lufthansa German Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Qatar Airways , Saudi Air, South African Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Nigeria and Ibom Air.


 Are you considering becoming a pilot? It is actually quite acceptable as it opens you up to new things and the call gives you a presentation to various individuals and cultures when you travel from one nation to another. One intriguing thing about this pilot profession is that the salary that comes with it is attractive.

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