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Plane Crash

You Can Survive a Plane Crash by Taking These Measures

The invention of Aeroplane has greatly facilitated the movement of people and goods. It's by far the fastest means of transportation available.Air transport is quite safe as there are very few cases of plane crashes compared to road accidents that occur more frequently. Though quite expensive it provides a comfortable means of transport

Every air passenger would always hope for a good ride without any issues. No one wants to be in a situation where a plane is about to crash,even the anxiety can make some people pass out and die before the actual crash.

some people have the fear of flying called aviaphobia and would try thier possible best to avoid or minimize thier flying experience. If you are one of those people worry no more as there are few measures you can take to maximize your chance of survival in event of a plane crash

The survivability of a plane crash greatly depends on the situation,of course if the plane smash directly into a mountain or struck by a missile the chances of survival are pretty much zero.Here a few tips to increase survivability.

1.Take a Direct flight.

Always try as much as possible to take direct flights,avoids flights that requires you boarding multiple planes. Most plane crashes occur either during the take off phase or landing phase. The fewer stops you make the less Chance of an accident.

2. Take note of the skies 

Weather also plays a major role in plane crashes,always use your phone to check weather conditions of the plane route before takeoff. if the weather condition is severe it's best you reschedule

3. Take a seat on the aisle,somewhere in the rear cabin

The survivability at the rear to middle portion of the plane is higher that that of the middle portion to the front. an aisle seat offers the easiest escape route. However if you can seat next to an emergency exit with a near Window that is a much better choice

4.Always listen to the briefing and locate the nearest exit

Always try to locate and remember the exit points, this is key to surviving as most survivors always get out of the plane quickly

5.Count the sits to the nearest exit.

This is key as there might be a lot of smoke which reduces visibility,counting the number of sits prior will give you a rough estimate of where the exit is

6. Practice opening your seat belts a few times

Sometimes people forget to pull up on it instead to push down the centre of the buckle

Preparing for Crash

1. Your seat belt should be tightly fastened around your body

2. Bend forward with an arm across your knee

3. Place your pillow on your laps and hold your head down on your pillow with your free arm

4. Push your legs forward and brace for impact by placing your knees or feet against the chair in front of you

5. After crash land try to stay calm and help yourself up

6. Try to exit the plane as soon as possible,do not attempt to carry any belongings

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