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Plane Crash

Bermuda Triangle, the Satanic hole that swallows Planes and Ships

the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

During the voyage of Christopher Colombus, while crossing the Bermuda triangle area, one of his crew members said he saw "strange lights glowing on the horizon".


Some people say they have observed something like a meteor. In his notes he wrote that the navigation equipment did not work properly while in the area.

The various loss events in the area were first documented in 1951 by E.V.W. Jones from Associated Press magazine. Jones wrote an article about a mysterious loss event that hit the airplanes and the sea in the area and called it the 'Satanic Triangle'. It was reopened the following year by Fate Magazine with an article by George X. In 1964, Vincent Geddis called the area a 'deadly Bermuda Triangle', after the term 'Bermuda Triangle' became the so-called term.


Lloyd's of London marine insurance company states that the Bermuda triangle is not a dangerous ocean and the same as the ordinary oceans around the world, provided that it does not carry transport beyond the provisions when it passes through the area. The coast guard confirmed the decision. The explanation is considered reasonable, coupled with a number of observations and case investigations.

Another explanation of some of the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships is the presence of methane gas in the territorial waters. This theory was first published in 1981 by the United States Geological Survey. This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and the result satisfied some people about a plausible explanation of the mystery of the disappearance of planes and ships passing through the region.


Some say the Bermuda Triangle is caused because the place is a UFO base of a group of aliens / aliens who do not want to be harassed by humans, so that any vehicle that passes through the territory will be sucked and kidnapped. Some say that the cause is due to the existence of the largest magnetic source on earth that is embedded under the Triangle

Bermuda, so that ton-ton metal can be drawn inward. And even some say the Bermuda Triangle is the center of the meeting between the flow of cold water with the flow of hot water, so it will result in a large whirlpool / terrible.

Although some theories are thrown, nothing is satisfactory because of the additional appearance of such a shining foreign object that surrounds the plane before contact with the watch tower is lost and the plane disappears.

One of the most famous and enduring stories in many mysterious cases of loss of airplanes and ships passing through the Bermuda triangle is Flight 19. Flight 19 is an air force unit of five United States naval bombers.

The flight was last seen on takeoff in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 5, 1945. Aircraft on Flight 19 was systematically made by aviation and marine experts to deal with adverse situations, but suddenly easily disappeared after sending out reports of strange symptoms, was unreasonable.

Since the planes on Flight 19 were designed to float in the ocean for a long time, the cause of the loss was thought to be because the flight was still floating in the ocean waiting for a calm sea and clear sky.

Afterwards, a rescue team was sent to pick up the flight, but not only the 19th Flight plane that had not been found yet, the rescue team also vanished. Since the accident in the navy is mysterious, it is considered "the cause and reason unknown".


Bermuda triangle is called the Atlantic Ocean region, located to the east of the coast of Florida. The water area of

the triangle is partly owned by the Bahamas. The triangle itself is located between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The triangle is quite large, it occupies 140 thousand square miles.

 The world really got to know about it in the second half of the 20th century. In the minds of people the phrase "Bermuda Triangle" took root with the American journalists. In the 1970s, a myriad of publications on the mysterious disappearance of aircraft and ships in this part of the world was published. The flywheel of sensations was launched, and the public hungered for new details about the mysterious anomaly. Very soon the Bermuda Triangle turned into a real Klondike for fans of all kinds of speculation. Only regardless of whether we are dealing with a natural phenomenon, or we are talking about an anomaly unknown to science, one thing is clear - this place is of considerable danger.

 The phrase "Bermuda Triangle" was put into circulation in 1964 by the publicist Vincent Gaddis. The article with the speaking title "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" was published in a publication devoted to inexplicable phenomena.

First victims...

 In support of this we give a mysterious episode, which occurred in the distant 1840th year, long before the first publications on this topic. Then near the Bahamas was discovered the ship "Rosalia". On the ship there were supplies of drinking water and provisions, the cargo of the ship remained intact, the boats were in place. But only the crew of the Rosalie mysteriously disappeared. Of the living creatures on board the ship there was only a canary. In general, in the XIX century, many ships found their destruction in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

However, if you think about anything unusual in the disappearance of sailing ships and members of their teams there. Even for trained mariners, the ocean always harbored many dangers. High waves, strong wind and insidious underwater rocks always represented a big threat to flimsy boats. But what about the disappearance of large ships in the 20th century?

 One of the most mysterious episodes associated with the Bermuda Triangle is the disappearance in 1918 of a cargo vessel of the USS Cyclops. The path of the "Cyclops" lay from South America to the United States. The ship belonged to the class of the Proteus vessels and was quite large, its length was 165 m. Nevertheless, the ship itself and 306 passengers and crew members on board seemed to dissolve in the sea abyss. The search for the ship did not yield any results. In this story there is another very characteristic feature - before its disappearance the ship's crew did not give a distress signal. Whatever the cause of the tragedy, one thing is certain: it caught the ship by surprise, without giving its crew a single minute to save. A similar picture was observed in many cases of disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

 Later, a list of missing ships in the area will be replenished with dozens of new names. Very often, the cause of the death of the ships was still established. For example, one of the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle is sometimes called the death of the cargo ship "Anita", which sunk in 1973. The only thing left of this ship is a life ring with the name of the ship. However, on the eve of the ship's exit into the open sea, a violent storm broke out, the victim of which was not only Anita.

Missing aircraft.

 Most likely, the triangle would not have attracted so much attention if only the ships became its victims. Indeed, this part of the Atlantic has always been a very dangerous place for seafarers. But the whole complexity of the situation lies in the fact that not only the ships but planes also disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle.

 One of the first pilots, faced with an inexplicable anomaly, was the famous American tester Charles Lindbergh. On February 13, 1928, Lindbergh, flying over the Bermuda Triangle, witnessed a strange natural phenomenon. The plane was enveloped by a very dense cloud, similar to a dense fog, and Lindberg, no matter how hard he tried, could not get out of it. The compass needle seemed to go crazy and began to spin randomly. Only great experience helped Lindbergh to escape, and when the cloud cleared, the pilot was able to reach the airfield, guided by the sun and the coastal line.

 But the most famous episode of the disappearance of aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle is the case that occurred in 1945. Then, during the training flight, disappeared without a trace five bombers-torpedo bombers Grumman TBF Avenger. The leading part of the Evengers was an experienced pilot - Marine Corps lieutenant Taylor. It is noteworthy that Martin PBM Mariner, sent to the search for missing bombers, also disappeared.

On its last mission, the link departed on December 5, 1945, the flight passed in clear weather. The search for aircraft and their crews did not give anything, there were not found any debris, not even oily traces on the water. The only evidence of the disaster was the decoded radio communications of the crews of the Evengers. According to the radio reports, at some point the pilots were completely disoriented, they simply ceased to understand where they were. In one of the reports, the leader reported that both compasses had failed (each Avenger was equipped with two compasses - magnetic and gyroscopic). Most likely, torpedo bombers were in the air until they ran out of fuel, and they did not collapse into the ocean.

 Unconfirmed cases of instantaneous movements in the air took place outside the Bermuda Triangle. There is a description of one episode, allegedly occurred during the Second World War. Then Soviet pilots landed a plane in the Urals, being in full confidence that they were somewhere near Moscow. It is noteworthy that almost always in such cases dense fog and problems with navigation equipment appeared.

 But what could be the cause of the disaster? Do not forget that the missing pilots were quite experienced. Even in the conditions of a sudden failure of navigation equipment, they could go on the desired course, focusing on the map. Or, perhaps, the reason for the disappearance of the fourteen pilots was not only the technical malfunctions of their aircraft?

 The answer to this question may be the case that occurred a quarter of a century later - in 1970. The pilot Bruce Gernon piloted a light single-engine aircraft in the sky above the Bermuda Triangle. Together with him there were two more people on board. Gernon was traveling from the Bahamas to Florida, to the international airport "Palm Beach". When it was about 160 km from Miami, the weather deteriorated sharply, and Bruce Gernon decided to fly over storm clouds. According to the testimony of the pilot himself, a moment later he saw before him something like a tunnel. Around the plane formed spiraling rings, and the people on board experienced a feeling similar to a feeling of weightlessness. Of course, all this can be attributed to the ordinary invention of hoaxers, if not for one "but". At the moment of passing through this very tunnel, Gernon's plane simply disappeared from the radar. In addition, according to Bruce, he had on board all navigation devices, and the plane was enveloped in a dense gray haze. Immediately after departure from the mysterious fog the car was over Miami, and Gernon received a radio message from the dispatcher. Recovering, Bruce Gernon realized only one thing: something is wrong here - a single-engine screw aircraft inconceivably flown 160 km in three minutes. To do this, the flight was to run at 3000 km / h, and after all the cruising speed of the Beechcraft Bonanza 36 aircraft, which was controlled by Bruce, does not exceed 320 km / h.

 The disappearance of five torpedo bombers has become fertile soil for science fiction writers and mystifiers. There is a legend that during the flight of the "Evangers" some residents of the US were able to hear radio communications from the commander of the link. Ostensibly in his last words Lieutenant Taylor mentioned certain "white waters" and UFOs.

Waves-killers and spatial cataclysm.

 The bottom of the Bermuda Triangle has one of the most complex reliefs in the Atlantic Ocean. The triangle crosses a huge depression, the depth of which reaches 8 km. This in itself does not explain the destruction of the ships, but makes it almost impossible to detect sunken ships or aircraft falling into the ocean.

 The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may have one more explanation. The warm sea current of the Gulf Stream runs along the eastern coast of the USA, very close to the place of mysterious disappearance of ships. The Gulf Stream can be the reason that many wrecks have not been found, the undercurrents of their wreckage could be carried hundreds of kilometers from the site of the alleged death.

 But what about the root cause of the crash? One of the most plausible theories is that numerous ships that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle could become victims of a wandering wave. This phenomenon has long been considered fiction. But, as studies have shown, wandering waves are quite real and pose a considerable danger for seafarers, even in our time. The height of one such wave can reach 30 m. Unlike tsunami, wandering waves are formed not as a result of natural disasters, but literally from nowhere. Such wave-killers can appear even under relatively favorable weather conditions. For example, a giant wave can form at a time when several waves converge in the ocean. This version is all the more deserving of attention, given that the natural conditions of the Bermuda Triangle contribute to the appearance of such waves.

But the named versions have almost no power when it comes to missing aircraft. There is an opinion that the Bermuda Triangle is influenced by forces from outer space. Perhaps this place is exposed to the charged particles, which are formed as a result of solar storms. If so, then these particles can cause breakdowns of electronic equipment of aircraft and ships. On the other hand, the Bermuda Triangle is located near the equator and should not be strongly influenced by such storms. After all, as is known, the influence of solar storms is most felt at high latitudes (in the circumpolar regions).

 More plausible is the hypothesis that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle lies at the bottom of the ocean. Seismic activity at the bottom of a triangle can cause magnetic disturbances, which, in turn, affect the operation of navigational instruments. Some scientists consider the release of methane as a possible cause of the death of ships and aircraft. According to this theory, huge methane bubbles are formed on the bottom of the Bermuda triangle, the density of which is so low that the ships can not stay on the water and immediately sink. Rising into the air, methane also leads to a decrease in its density, which makes flights extremely dangerous.

 Scientists note that incorrect operation of devices can be caused by ionization of air. Many mysterious phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle occurred during a thunderstorm, and in fact it leads to the ionization of air.

 No matter how plausible these versions are, they all have one drawback - none of them have found their practical confirmation. In addition, magnetic storms, methane emissions or thunderstorms can not explain the movement in space.

 Here it will be appropriate to talk about the most incredible hypothesis. Some researchers seriously believe that in this case we are dealing with the curvature of space. It is believed that the curvature of space allows you to move faster than the speed of light. In other words, the aviator Bruce Gernon could get into some kind of interdimensional cataclysm, which at once shifted it to 160 km. This can also explain the disappearance of dozens of other aircraft and ships in the Bermuda Triangle without a trace. And yet we will leave this theory at the mercy of the creators of science fiction and try to sort out seriously.

 The theme of the Bermuda Triangle is widely represented in mass culture. The triangle appears in a huge number of literary works, about which a lot of serials and feature films have been shot. And this theme is often intertwined with other mysterious phenomena, for example, with the theme of aliens from outer space.

The Bermuda Triangle or with known as as the Devil's Triangle is situated oppressive the northwestern region of Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated to cover around 500,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean and its apexes are located in the surrounding areas of Puerto Rico, Miami, San Juan, and Florida.

tomita bermuda triangle album cover.jpg

The Bermuda Triangle is skillfully-known due to numerous shipwrecks - numbering to on summit of a hundred, have occurred in this place. It is with rumored that taking into account you used a compass in the Bermuda Triangle, the compass will function you the running to the authentic North and not the magnetic north.


The first ventilate in the place was mentioned in 1964 through a magazine article written by Vincent H. Gaddis. Until now, the Bermuda Triangle still proves to be an area of mixture for scientists from every unconventional parts of the world.


There have been many incidents of disappearances in the place. The first reported incident happened in 1945 amid five Navy Avengers disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Said desertion was believed to be the cause of a pilot's error however many experts argued that the flight occurred upon a dispel day and the person in stroke of the flight was an experienced pilot Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor. The relatives of the victims persuaded the Navy to alter the excuse for the death of their relatives members to "unnamed.


During the World War I (WWI), in 1918 to be precise, the USS Cyclops was tasked to be credited as soon as Brazil. The ship stopped at Barbados however they never reached Brazil and have mysteriously disappeared. There are toting occurring disappearances that remains unsolved until today.


How to reach Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle, also known as Satan's Triangle, is a special area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, where many ships and aircraft are mysteriously disappeared. Many people think that the reason for those disappearances is merely a tragedy, which may be due to natural disasters or inadmissibility of the driver.

Again, according to the current fairytale, the presence of any supernatural force or any organism of any other organisms is responsible for this. However, there is enough information that the Bermuda Triangle has been identified based on the accidentsSome of his mistakes have been exaggerated by some authors, and even with some accidents there is no difference in the accidents in other regions.

On this triangle, the warm sea flows from the Gulf of Mexico. The intensity of these intensities is largely the reason for the disappearance. The weather is such that the storm suddenly stops again, the cyclone hits in the summer. Before reaching telecommunication, radar and satellite technology in the twentieth century, there was a lot of shipment in such areasA normal event. This region is one of the world's heavy commercial ships.

The ships travel to America, Europe and the Caribbean islands. Apart from this, there are many recreational activities. Commercial and private aircrafts operate on various routes in the region. Different authors gave different views in the description of the magnitude of the triangle. Someone thinks that its size is like Trap-aid, which spreads across Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean islands and across the Atlantic region on the east side of Ishore, and some of themThe Gulf of Mexico is also connected.

However, in the written descriptions, the picture of the general region is reflected in the Atlantic coast of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Bermuda archipelago in central Atlantic and the southern border of Bahamas and Florida Streets, where most of the accidents have occurred.

History of the triangle story

According to those who wrote about the Bermuda Triangle, Christopher Columbus first wrote about the strange experience of this triangle. He wrote that the navigators of his ship saw the light of the sky, the smoke in the sky on the horizon of this region. He also described the opposite direction of the compass. He wrote on his blog on October 11, 1492 -

"The land was first seen by a sailor (Rodrigo de Triana), although the Admiral at ten o'clock that evening standing on

the quarter-deck saw a light, but so small a body that he could not affirm it to be land; calling to Pero Gutiérrez, groom of the King's

wardrobe, he told him he saw a light, and bid him look that way, which he did and saw it; he did the same to Rodrigo Sánchez of Segovia, whom the King and Queen had sent with the squadron as comptroller, but he was unable to see it from his situation. The Admiral again perceived it once or twice, appearing like the light of a wax candle moving up and down, which some thought an indication of land. But the Admiral held it for certain that land was near..."

The experts presently test the actual logbooks, the essence of which is that the sailors who saw the fire used to cook in the boat used by local people, and due to the change of the star's position, the compass was created. September 16, 1950 V.V. W. J. E. V. Jones first wrote this triangle on paper.

Two years later, Fate magazine's George X One of the titles of "Sea Mystery At Our Back Door" is based on the name of George X. Sand.Write short essays. In this article, he described the disappearance of Flight Ninetin (a group of five 'TB Avengers' aircraft of the US Navy, which disappears at the training mission) and he is the first to mention this unfamiliar triangular region in front of everyone.

In April 1962 Flight Ninetin was written in American Legion Magazine. It is said that the leader of this flight was heard to say - We do not know wherewe are, the water is green, no white It means "we do not know where we are, green water, nothing white anywhere". This is the first flight to Ninthi to be associated with any supernatural event. Then Vincent Gaddis, another story called "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle", in February 1964.

Based on this he wrote in a more detailed "Invisible Horizons" meaning "Invisible Horizons" Name book Many more writers have their sweetness in mindHe wrote a book on this subject, John Wallace Spencer, he wrote "Limbo of the Lost" (Limbo of the Lost, 1969, repr. 1973), meaning "disappeared disappearance" Charles Berlitz wrote "The Bermuda Triangle" (The Bermuda Triangle, 1974),; Richard Winner wrote "The Devil's Triangle", "The Devil's Triangle, 1974", and many others wrote. All of them have introduced the supernatural phenomena described by Eckert on different flavors.

Lawrence David Kusch is a research librarian of "Arizona State University" and author of "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved (1975)". In his research, he described the inconsistency of describing witnesses with the description of Charles Berlitz. For example, despite the considerable evidence, Charles Berlitz describes the disappearance of the famous Yomskom Donald Crowhurt as the mystery. Another example is three days after leaving the port in the Atlantic

Barlitz has described the disappearance of the oceanic ship, but again described another ship in another place that it disappeared after leaving the port in the Pacific Ocean. Also, Kusch shows that a large part of the accident described has happened outside of the alleged triangle. Kusch's research was quite normal. According to the descriptions of the authors, the date and time of various accidents have collected weather news and important events from the newspapers of that time, which the authors did not tell in the story. Of Kusch

What is available in the study is-

The amount of ships and aircraft disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is not more than the other sea. The tropical storms in this region are regularly hit, which is one of the reasons for the disappearance of ships and aircraft. But Barlitz or other writers avoided such a storm.

In the description of many events the authors embarked on the imagination colors. Again, if a boat rides late in the port than it has been, it has been

declared as missing. Authors have been told about many such events that have not happened in the past. For example, in 1937, there was a plane accident in Daytona Beach, Florida, but there was no information available from that time on the news paper.

So in the conclusion of the study of Kusch, it is said that the authors have created the mystery behind the ignorance or intentionally the Bermuda Triangle.

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