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Plane Crash

If A Pilot Does Any of These 5 Things, It Could Lead To Plane Crash

Both Pilots Can Not Go To Sleep Simultaneously

Recent passenger airplanes built are equipped with an automatic pilot. This gives pilots more time to sleep during flight, but despite the recent innovation in airplane, both pilots can not go to sleep at the same time. There must always be one pilot that is fully awake and aware in all the phases of the flight.

Pilots Can Not Take Alcoholic Beverage When Flying The Plane

According to Mayo clinic, it has been said that mild alcohol intake has proven to be beneficial to the health. But the over consumption of alcoholic substance, could increase the chances of accident. As a result of it, pilots and other flight crew are prohibited from consuming alcoholic substance hours before and during flight, so as to avoid aviation accidents relating to alcohol intake.

The Pilot Feeling Sleepy Cannot Doze Off, Without Verbally Confirming If The Other Pilot is Awake

Controlling ones rest is normal during flight, but in the case of pilots, he/she cant just doze off, without verbally confirming if the other pilot is awake.

Pilots Are Prohibited to Read Books, Including Novels.

It is prohibited for pilots to read books and lengthy novels when flying the airplane, due to the high level of concentration needed by the pilots.

Frequent Leaving of The Flight Cabin, Anytime The Pilots Wants Could Be Dangerous

To mitigate any similar future phenomena from occurring, pilots are forbade by law against occasionally moving in and out of the cockpit. All airplane cockpits are kept shoot from passengers during the period of flight, so as to prevent any form of negative event from happening.

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