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No More Plane Crash Forever? New Plane Design Will Save All Passengers, But Kill Pilot In A Crash

A Ukrainian Airplane designer Vladmir Tatarenko has designed a revolutionary airplane and is now pushing to have it adopted.

This design was first proposed in 2016 and is now being considered by a few in the light of the numerous plane crashes that have occurred since then.

The Plane has a detachable cabin which means that in the event of any malfunctioning in the Airplane engine, the Pilot can with a push of the button, detach the cabin where the passengers are from the cockpit where he is.

The Cabin then has a steel frame that shoots out a parachute which suspends the cabin and reduces the force of their descent. This slowing of gravity will ensure that the cabin rests slowly on land or water.

The cabin structure has also been designed so that it has floatation capabilities. This way, it will float rather than sink if the cabin falls into the sea.

The controversy with this design is that the Pilot only needs to press a button to release the cabin, but no plan is made in the design for the cockpit. Should the Pilot then die alone in the crash?

People have called out on the designers to include a wholistic safety strategy before manufacturing begins.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it a welcome development im the Aviation industry?


An Ukrainian Engineer has developed a "Detachable Cabin" concept to save lives during plane crash, the cabin carrying passengers detaches from cockpit the moment pilots notice emergency, by pressing a button. Supported by boosters as it goes down with passengers, iron steel parachutes hangs it and drops the cabin safely on water or ground without any single passenger being hurt.

Written by George Chijioke Brown

Me: so the pilot will save every other person then go and crash alone🙄?. I'm asking o🤷

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