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See the 3 questions Nigerians should ask Federal Government concerning the 602 ex-Boko Haram members

Yes there is always joy when a wicked and notorious criminal repents, talkless of when a terrorist repents.

Now we are talking of a whole 602 terrorists repenting, that's a whole lot and it is so much good news and to even go as far as taking oaths of allegiance that's a whole new feeling and a new dimension of joy.

But just before we embark on that sentiment, it is pertinent that we do not mortgage our sense of reasoning.

There are a few questions I feel we should all ask the federal government concerning these men.

1. How did the Boko Haram members contact the federal government to indicate their repenting intent considering the fact that we have never heard when Boko Haram members were captured by the Nigerian Army?

2. If truly these men are ex-Boko Haram members and their former terrorist group is still unleashing terror on Nigerians, why can't they provide vital information concerning their hideout and modus operandi to help the Nigeria Army in defeating Boko Haram?

3. Are these men going to be released into the society, how will their activities be monitored?

These 3 questions are very important for the safety of Nigerians.

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