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Comparative Analysis of Boko Haram/ISWAP Long Term Operation for Lesson Drawing in Nigeria

Many people have been wondering why BOKO Haram/ISWAP appears been active despite several claims by the Nigerian government that the terrorists were degraded. Recently there is allegation by Amnesty International on the Nigerian Army for destroying villages in Borno in retaliation for recent attacks by the terrorists on military deployments and some civilians settlements, including Auno where motorists who could not meet up with the Army's stipulated timing were attacked. In view of the above, an important fact one needs to know is that, no country, even the super powers is able to eliminate terrorists in a blink of an eye. And for terrorists to be eliminated fully, colleteral damage may be inevitable. However, while it is our prayer that own terrorism should end shortly, we need to make comparison with other countries that suffered similar menace inorder to appreciate the effort of Nigerian government and that of the gallant Military.

Srilanka spent over 30 Years fighting Tamil Tigers who operated like Boko Haram/ISWAP including use of suicide bombers. They had to decide to carryout what they termed ''Scorch Earth Policy'' in which they gave ultimatum to the terror group (Tamil Tigers) to leave their hideouts and surrender or face their raft. After the expiration of the, time they used Airfoce and combed all the hideouts killing even the captives. They conducted goerilla warfare more than the terrorists. They blocked all the terrorists sources of supply. They conducted ambushes more than the terrorists.They took over all humanitarian assistance, denying all foreign NGO's who they suspected went with deceptive negative motives disguising under the umbrella of NGO's for humanitarian assistance. Like what the Nigerian Army recently employed, they use massive propaganda to incapacitate the enemy's will to fight. In short, they did colleteral damage but it finally ended the menace. However, international litigation ensued. Nigeria needs to adjust it foreign policy with some countries suspected to be supporting the terrorists and inculcate the spirit of nationalism and integrity in its people. International law is a machinery used by colonial masters to deceive targeted nation's and execute neo-colonialism with a new face. That is why their agent 'Amnesty international' is always giving negative definition to operations of the gallant Nigerian Military, especially the Nigerian Army. This is suspectedly with intent to culpritize the Army in favour of the terrorists. What one should strive to Know is, how many times this Amnesty International condem the massacre by the terrorists on the masses and the security agencies? Hence, there is need for Nigerians to appreciate the Military and support them to the best as they sacrifice all comfort they might have, including their families just to ensure that the country live in peace and harmony.

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