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Opinion: Why do you want to kill the Boko Haram? I think that they should be tamed instead.

Boko Haram is ranked world number three terrorists group in the world. Today in Nigeria,this terrorist are the cost of insecurities. Despite all the effort put in to bring them down, they prove to be stronger. Many soldiers have lost their lives, talk less of innocent citizens who due to their religious beliefs which differs from that of the terrorist have been killed. Many people believe that their objectives is to turn Nigeria into a complete Muslim country and not just for me I think that this terrible terrorist have a bloody word boldly written in their heart which spells "Revenge".They want justice for their leader who was killed.

My thoughts about the unobtainable goal of our Nigerian leaders against this Boko Haram are:

1- There's an insider: the most baffling question about this terrorist is their arms. Where do they get them from? Under which disguise? Who gives them this arms? If they work openly, then they would have been captured since and most killed because of their strong will to continue being terrorist. Among our leaders, there is surely an accomplice in the arm forces, police etc.who are strongly backing up this terrorist. These men must have secret supporters who provide them with specific information so they are well informed of what they do.

2-How do they know where to strike? When to strike? And how to strike?: they started by attacking northern states and taking over territory marking their grounds. This work can not be done alone by them because it takes a man who knows his enemies territory well to win a war. For example: the story of Moremi of Ille-Ife in our well known primary school reader,that lady disguised herself into her enemies village and little by little gained ground and trust and was taught every single secrets of her enemies and without their notice stroke them with what she learnt from them. So you can't defeat an enemy without knowing their strategy and weak point and strength and these people know our weak point and strength and are well using it on us. For they couldn't have done it by themselves.many have their thoughts on these issue. people can't help but think of any excuse to why these men cannot be defeated.

4- They want something: these people want something and are ready to go to any length to get it. They want revenge for their dead leader and they want end to western civilisations.

How prepared are we??

Just like Moremi, how prepared are we.. She made a huge sacrifice to enter into her enemies territory,make them friends and dealt with them... Can any man do that for us? We need these few things

1-we need to know their secrets:Who is brave enough to enter these men territory and learn their secretes,weaknesses, end know who their backer is? We can not fight men we know nothing about because we know nothing about them.

2-we need to shot down their weaponry and where they get it from.

3-Take advantage of their weakness. I'm sure that everyone know that once a leader is down in a particular group, that there is chaos and confusion... We need to attack their leader and kill him in one hit.. Once his down, the will fight among themselves,this means that each man will want to be a leader. At this helplessness of them... We strike fully prepared. The Boko Haram, we have never heard that they fought among themselves.once their is trouble in their mist,then that is their weak point. The death of their leader will bring confusion among them and great conflict and war destabilizing them.we need good and well trained and discipline and royal military man,policemen..we need you to stop these terrorists.we need to tame them. we need to tame them not kill them.. speaking without action is an invalid performance. Let's act and talk less.

3-we need unity. These men love themselves and we most love our selves too. For unity is the hallmark of national diplomacy. Peace is what we want and we need go to any length to achieve it.

Please this is strictly my opinion. Drop yours and share,also follow. Thanks a lot.

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