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See 7 most dangerous bombs. No 4 is death (photos).


A bomb is a container where explosive material are kept. Bomb explode by the exothermic reaction to provide sudden release of energy. Bomb comes from Latin name called " Bombus", it was firstly produce in the 11th century at East Asia in 1221.

Bombs are of different types, sizes and shapes. What makes bomb to explode is usually the explosive charge present in the bombs which may include in most conventional bombs: RDX, ammonium nitrate, TNT or other high explosives in combination with each other.

Bomb kills by:

1. Heat: when heat wave is released it causes explosion, because without heat the exothermic reaction can't occur.

2. Shock: explosive shock wave is the displacement which cause internal bleeding and raptured eardrum. The distance between the source of shock help against shock.

3. Fragmentation: is the shattering of every single piece of the bomb. In the 14th century when they uses pallet and piece of broken porclein, the process of it shattering and piercing into the body is called fragmentation. This doesn't require any wave like the other ones.

Effect of bomb of living thing

1. Fragmentation: the shattering causes piercing which make the victim to have injury or wound.

2. Heat: the explosion releases heat which burn the victim body.

3. Impact: can be use for it generally, the effect of it in body, include burns, wound, injury, death, loss of eardrum.

Here is list of some of the dangerous bombs:

1. IED Bomb

2. C4

3. Mark- 17

4. Atomic bomb

5. B61 Nuclear bomb

6. Dummy baseball grenades

7. Black power 

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