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Islamic states terrorists redeployed in to African and Asian countries

The famous world terrorist organization known as Islamic state IS are now redeployed their activities into African and Asian countries as stated by the Washington research centre.

The said organization was been chased away from Syria and Iraq after American joined mission to their bases and commanders this resulted the terrorist to redeployed their base into countries that are under security constraints.

In Asia country like Yemen was already became victims while in Africa countries like Nigeria, Libya, Mali, Niger and many more are facing possible intrusion of those terrorist.

Many countries are blaming western countries for supporting those terrorist organizations for economic issues and some for political issues. But western countries denied those accusations.

The question here is many people from western countries are involved into this terrorism many are traveled to Syria and Iraq to help the terrorist with weapons or even manpower, but their countries was not stopped them.

If IS terrorist redeployed their activities in to African countries what harm will this do to the countries which are already in to war with other terrorist organizations like boko haram in lake chad axis and Al shabbab in Somalia?

Written by Auwal Hussain.

Content created and supplied by: Auwalhussaini (via Opera News )

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