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Herdsmen wouldn't dare attack Delta state again

As Deltans bury about a dozen corpses of those killed by herdsmen, the herdsmen in the state could be seen hurriedly moving towards Edo state, passing through Uhrome (urome) and uhronigbe because that is the shortest route into Edo state. Deltans in obiaruku, Ebedei and umutu who took some of the pictures reportedly threw stones at them. Some herdsmen who did not want to leave Delta moved toward Agbor, a liberal cosmopolitan town in delta with arguably the largest cattle market in the state. The Musa slaughter in Agbor is reputed as one of the biggest cattle markets where about 100 cows are slaughtered daily which is why herdsmen believe the Dein of Agbor kingdom, Dr. Benjamin Keagborekuzi 1 will not ban cow meat in the kingdom as many other kingdoms have done.

Many people in Delta have hailed their kings for banning public grazing. This is because they have done what some state government are unable to do. Deltans have never experienced herdsmen attacks before now and they are giving herdsmen heat including the police, the governor and the president Muhammadu Buhari. Some kings have formed vigilante groups waiting patiently for herdsmen to step foot into their communities so that they can tell the herdsmen the stuff Deltans are made of. However, it was revealed that most of the cows were in the south are actually owned by Southern politicians who imported the cows from Niger, Chad and Mali. They were the ones who also hired these herdsmen to tend the animals for them

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