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What Nigeria Stand To Gain, As 602 Bokoharam Fighters Denounce Their Membership.

Against Millions Nigerians calls, Against The cry of relatives of fallen Nigerian Soldiers, Day in day out Bokoharam fighters are regaining their freedom.

Just at highest rage of the terrorist groups against Nigerian soldiers.

Some 602 repentant Boko Haram members, on Monday, renounced their membership of the group and swore Oath of Allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The ex-insurgents who have completed a de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme, denounced their membership of the insurgent group at the Malam Sidi Camp in Kwami Local Government area of Gombe State.

The News Agency of Nigeria NAN reports that they denounced their membership of Boko Haram before an 11-member quasi-judicial panel headed by Justice Nehizena Afolabi of the Federal High Court, Gombe.

Speaking during the exercise, Bamidele Shafa, a major general and Coordinator, Operation Safe Corridor, said the appearance of the repentant insurgents before the judicial panel was a major requirement, before their reintegration into the society.

The panel is for the clients to appear before it to confess their pasts and denounce their membership of Boko Haram, Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP) as the case maybe.

Further more the radicals pledged And swear Oath of Allegiance to be loyal, disciplined and obedient citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and then make a commitment.

What does Nigeria stand to gain from setting the terrorist group free after taking thousands of Innocent lives remain a mystery, note its been discovered that most of this terrorist group member are from neighbouring country like Cameroon, Sudan, Mali etc.

There could be a reason, If Buhari led Goverment is recruiting an ex-member of Bokoharam to the Nigerian force. But this is never actualized.

Like they say once a pep' is always a pep'.

The probability of those repented Bokoharam member today may still find there way back to the forest.

The objective behind the process is still raise a lot of eye brow been one of the reason American and other top world countries are now tagging law abiding Nigerians as terrorist. Meanwhile Southwest prosecute law breakers on a daily bases.

Under Ambiquity terms, There could be more to this as per tribal dominance?.

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