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The Pentagon: Turkey has sent about 4,000 Syrian mercenaries to Libya

The Pentagon said that Turkey sent between 4,000 Syrian mercenaries to Libya during the first three months of this year. 

In a special report on anti-terrorism operations in Africa, the ministry added that Turkey provided funds and offered citizenship to thousands of fighters in exchange for participating in the conflict in Libya, alongside forces loyal to the non-accredited Accord government in Tripoli. 

The report, which includes the period up to the end of last March, suggested that the reinforcements coming from Turkey had played a role in the reconciliation forces ’progress in May, on the outskirts of the capital, Tripoli. 

The report stated that 300 Syrian fighters arrived in Libya at the end of last April, and Turkey published an "unknown number" of Turkish military personnel in Libya during the first months of the year. 

The representative of the official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan, Lt. Col. Adam Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, confirmed that the July 12, 2007, the Rapid Support Forces managed to seize a group of 80 people, including two foreigners from the State of Syria, heading to the locations of the warring forces in Libya . While another similar group of eighty people was arrested on the fifteenth of this month, on their way to Libya to work as mercenaries. 

He pointed out that the groups that had been seized in the field of illegal immigration by the rapid support forces and other security forces so far amounted to 282 people. Lt. Col. Saleh added that illegal immigration operations took another curve, which is participation with migrants in the ongoing conflict in Libya. 

Subject you care about?Amid successive Turkish threats to open the Sirte battle and reject the attempts to stop the fire, our sources reported the landing of two planes at Misurata Airport during... 

Turkey continues to transport mercenaries to Libya .. 3 aircraft within hours Turkey continues to transport mercenaries to Libya... 3 aircraft within hours Maghreb 

The "Arm News" website revealed that during the past days, Turkey transferred about 1,400 Tunisian fighters belonging to extremist organizations from Aleppo and Idlib to Libya. 

The source of the website stated that Libyan and Turkish civilian aircraft transported Tunisian extremist fighters in batches to the regions of Gaziantep and Istanbul, Misurata. 

According to the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman, in an intervention with "Al-Arabiya", Turkey is transporting mercenaries of different nationalities to Libya, adding that "Ankara sends militants to Libya and not only mercenaries." 

Ankara continues to transport mercenaries from Turkey to Libya to fight in the ranks of the Al-Wefaq government, as a few days ago a new batch of mercenaries arrived on a plane coming from the city of Gaziantep towards Misurata with 120 members on board, according to our correspondent

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