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World News For Today (Friday,13 November 2020)

Belgium expels Danes who plan to burn Glorious Qur'an.

Belgium has deported five conservative Danes and banned them from entering the country for a year for plotting to burn the Koran in a predominantly Muslim area of Brussels.

Asylum Secretary Sammy Mahdi described them as “a serious threat to public order”.

According to their Facebook page, the five men 'friends are a radical politician Rasmus Paludan.

Paludan was expelled from France on Wednesday for plotting to burn the Koran in Paris.

Earlier this year, he was jailed for a month in Denmark for a series of offenses, including posting anti-Islamic videos on his party's social media site Stram Kurs (conservative).

In a recent incident, Belgian police accused the men of plotting to burn the Koran in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean district of Brussels, according to Belgian media.

There are several Moroccans in the area.

Police questioned them and referred their case to the prosecutor's office, a source told AFP.

Rasmus Paludan was sentenced to one month in prison in Denmark for racism

Mr Mahdi, the son of an Iraqi immigrant, also welcomed their arrest and deportation.

“They were ordered to leave the country immediately, and they left, according to his office.” They were not allowed to stay because these people are a threat to stability in Belgium. “

The statement did not name Paludan but said “a man has recently been arrested in France for similar offenses”.

In a message posted on his Facebook page on October 30, Paludan said he had told the French embassy in Copenhagen that he would burn the Koran at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on November 11.

Mahdi added: “In many of our societies we are divided, we do not need people who will come to spread hatred.”

In August, Paludan supporters in the southern Swedish city of Malmö burned the Koran, sparking violent clashes with police.

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