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Why You Should Stop Eating Sugary Things At Night

One of the things that keep us going as living beings is the food we eat on a daily basis. We must eat to survive, but we must also know the kind of foods we eat and when to eat them.

Most of the foods we consume daily contain high amount of sugar which 70% of them are processed. We are well aware that consuming too much sugary things can be detrimental to our health, hence, taking them at night can make it worse.

However, this article reveals an important reason why we should stop eating these sugary things in the night.

The reason is because, eating sugary foods at night has the ability to drive sleep away from us because sugars are energy giving substances. So, they provide the body with more energy to become active again.

It does this by making the pancreas to release insulin which awakens the cells, and makes them strong enough for us to do other activities instead of sleeping. Well, a dietician has this to say below:

This is to say that our night is meant for rest and having enough sleep. In actual sense, we are supposed to sleep for about 7hours in the night in order to get the body to function properly.However, when you can't achieve this good sleep when you feed yourself with sugary items, it can cause other health issues like increasing the blood pressure.

We know that elevated blood pressure has the tendency to excalate into other ailments like stroke, heart problems, diabetes and others. Apart from that, when we do not have enough sleep, it can affect our mood and body function the following day.

Moreso, eating sugary things at night can also lead to excess weight gain because they are capable of converting this sugar into bad fat in the body thereby, causing the cholesterol level to be high.

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