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From My Findings Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Was Born In Lagos But He Cannot Speak Yoruba -Ayo Fayose

Ayodele Fayose, a former governor of Ekiti State, asserted that Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour party's nominee for governor in Lagos State, was born in Lagos but cannot speak Yoruba ahead of this Saturday's general election there and in other parts of the nation.

Speaking the vernacular of the people is crucial for someone seeking political office, according to Fayose in an interview with TVC News this morning. 

Fayose claims that Gbadebo is dreadfully lacking in that department. 

He said "My study indicates that the Labour party's nominee was born in Lagos but is illiterate in Yoruba. If he is successful, they will pay for a translator for him. He can't say that by taking advantage of Obi, he will win the vote "Ayodele Fayose said.

The former governor of Ekiti State responded to the question of whether linguistic proficiency should be a requirement for choosing leaders "Why can't you carry me to Igbo Land so I can become the governor there? Or take me with you to become the governor of Kano"

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