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Obi Dispels Rumors Of Destroying Mosque And Forcing Muslims To Carry ID Cards During His Tenure

Former Governor and presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has dismissed rumors that he destroyed a mosque and forced Muslims to carry identity cards during his tenure as governor of Anambra State.

Speaking during a live interview on Arise TV a few hours ago, Obi clarified that the mosque in question had been destroyed under a previous governor, and that he had rebuilt it when he assumed office. He also pointed out that his aide-de-camp and the police commissioner of the state during his tenure were both Muslims from Kaduna State, which made it highly unlikely that he would have compelled Muslims to carry identity cards or destroyed their place of worship.

Source: Arise TV

Obi further stressed the importance of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the country, and urged all Nigerians to work towards building a more united and inclusive society.

Quoting the exact statement released by Peter Gregory Obi, he said, "I was governor of my state for 8 years and ADC who is the closest person to me is from Kano. They said I demolished a mosque in Onitsha and that I made Muslims carry ID Card; my police commissioner was from Kano and he is a Muslim, My ADC is also a Muslim and I am asking his people to carry ID Card and I was demolishing where they go to worship?"

In addition, he further stated, "I went to celebrate Salah with people in the Mosque in Onitsha and they said it was me who rebuilt the mosque when it was destroyed under another governor. So I built the mosque but I was being labelled as the man who demolished it. To date, no non-Muslim governor has sent more Muslims to Mecca than me."

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