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5 Easy Ways To Know If A Girl Secretly Loves You But Is Scared To Tell You

When a girl is attracted to you, she might not walk directly to you and approach you. Most girls don't want to make the first move because of rejection, or shyness. If you are confused about whether a girl is secretly in love with you. The following are some of the signs, which prove that she secretly loves you, but is scared to tell you.

1. She agrees with your opinion in a group. When a girl is secretly in love with you, she will value, and respect you. She will always agree to your opinion when you two are in a group together, other people might not agree with what you said, but she will be the only one standing by your side.

2. When she touches you often while talking to you. You will notice that she will always hug you, tap your shoulder, shake your hands often, and give you friendly punches now, and then. She is doing all this to express her love interest in you.

3. Another sign is when she smiles at you often. When a girl starts smiling at you often, it shows that she is pleased with everything about you such as your smile, your eyes, and your talks.

4. When she is looking her best these days to impress you. You will notice a change in her dressing style, hairstyle, and makeup. She is only trying to catch your attention.

5. The girl feels insecure when you are with other girls. She will get jealous whenever you are talking with other girls for a long time. The girl might even give those girls a mean look because she loves you.

These behaviors are the surest signs of love.

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