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I Never Campaigned Against Obi, Wike Reveals How G5 Rigged Out Atiku To Favour Peter Obi And Tinubu

In a recent video, Governor Wike made a statement clarifying his stance on the 2023 presidential elections. Contrary to rumors, he claims that he never campaigned against Peter Obi, a former vice presidential candidate. In his own words, "I never campaigned against OBI, I never did that, just know what I would eat medicine don't you go to me, you can't do anything." Governor Wike goes on to explain that he felt that Peter Obi did not need his help, as the Integrity Group had agreed to raise the power of the South in the election. According to him, "if lower body confesses, APC must come second and we did it. I'm proud to say it."

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Governor Wike also boasts of his achievements, saying that while others were plotting against each other, his administration was happily commissioning projects. He further adds that he stands firm and will never compromise his principles, saying, "I will never say Riverside for anything never, so it's not to talk whatever you want to say come home and address your people tell them what you've done for them." He concludes by stating that he is proud of his record and will continue to fulfill his promises to the people of his state.

It is important to note that Governor Wike's statements do not necessarily reflect the views of other governors or political figures. However, his declaration of support for the South in the 2023 presidential election is likely to be well-received by many in the region. As Governor Wike himself says, "I promise and I fulfill it."

Kindly watch the video below:

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