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Laidi kwali : Brief History of The Woman on The Twenty Naira Currency Note.

According to Nigerianstories. Ladi Kwali was a Nigerian potter who gained international recognition for her pottery skills. She was born in the village of Kwali in present-day Nigeria in 1925.

As a young girl, she learned pottery making from her mother and grandmother, who were both skilled potters.

In the 1950s, Ladi Kwali came to the attention of the colonial British pottery teacher Michael Cardew, who was visiting the area.

Impressed by her talent, Cardew invited her to work with him at the pottery training center he had established in Abuja.

Under Cardew's guidance, Ladi Kwali's skills as a potter flourished. She was able to combine her traditional techniques with Cardew's modern methods to create beautiful and unique pottery pieces.

Her work quickly gained international recognition and was exhibited in galleries around the world.

In 1963, Ladi Kwali was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her contribution to the arts. She continued to work as a potter until her death in 1984.

Today, Ladi Kwali is remembered as one of Nigeria's most celebrated potters. Her work continues to inspire young potters in Nigeria and beyond, and she is honored on the Nigerian 20 naira note, which features her portrait.

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