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What God Sent Arch Bishop Benson Idohosa To Do For Me-Bishop Oyedepo Reveals To Members.

The General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel a.k.a Winners Bishop David Oyedepo on a live-streamed video shared a message with the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "The work of the house of the Lord was seized by force and by the power of the enemy in Ezra 4:20-24. And when you study further, you will discover that The Prophet came forth and began to prophesy and there was a stirring and the building of the house of the Lord began and there were the prophets helping them. On this note, May you receive a help ordained for you today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Speaking further he said "Every true prophet is sent as a helper not as a usurper. No true prophet looks for what any man has. Meaning that every true prophet looks for what to add to every man. That is the kind of prophets we have in our ministry. Prophets are not sent to people to help them. They are sent to whosoever they are sent to all through scriptures. Moses was sent to Egypt to bail them out of captivity. Elijah was sent to the house of the widow of Zarephath to rescue her from famine. Elisha was in the house of the Shunamite woman and her dead womb opened up. The devil tried to kill the child and the child came back to life.

Speaking further he said "Prophets all through ages are sent as helpers to whatsoever they are sent. This is to tell you that True prophets don't look for human help, they are help from above. So when you see me crying, I am crying to see you helped. You have gone around collecting prayers enough. It is high time you took command. By the end of this month, no one here shall remain a prayer project. 

Speaking further he said "Kenneth E. Hagin was sent to help me. I was open enough to receive the help. He helped my faith to grow and I got the mantle of the Spirit of faith from him. There is no help I rendered him, he was sent to help me. T.L. Osborn was sent to open my ears to hear the voice of the Spirit and what an asset that is to my life today. Kenneth Copeland was sent to open my eyes to the secrets of Kingdom prosperity and what a blessing to my life and to this ministry today. Benson Idahosa was sent to embolden my stand for God. What a blessing that is today. I got a sworn blessing from each of them.

Speaking further to his members he said "Please position yourself to access help. God brought you here because you need help and He sends His help through His prophets to bail you out of unwanted situations. Imagine Somebody from being a driver became a regional director of a company. He was Employed as a driver and just hit the top by the help of God. On this note, by Next Sunday, we are not just talking about how to secure open doors but how to sustain open doors for life. How to enjoy open doors of favour for life. That is the last part of our Open Doors this Month and it shall be the beginning of open doors for your life. 

Watch The Youtube Video Here.

Fast forward Youtube Video from 43 minutes 12 seconds.

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