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Divorce Affair

Opinion: 3 Things That Will Happen If You Dissolve Your Marriage

Marriage, in its simple definition, is the coming together of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. However, marriage entails more than a man and a woman just coming together to become husband and wife. Marriage, in its broad definition, is a life contract between a matured man and a woman, who have agreed to live together (with the consent of their parents or guidance) as husband and wife.

Nowadays, divorce and dissolution of marriage is very rampant in our society and this has posed to our society some civil problems which arose as the aftermath of divorce.

Dissolution of marriage has become unchecked in our society because it is not every man and every woman who got married are willing to do so. Some were forced to get into marriage while some others dabbled into marriage because of the advantage(s) they will gain from it. This is why baby mamas and single mothers are quite numerous in our society.

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Divorce and dissolution of marriage may come from either of the two lovers in marriage or from both of them when they reach agreement to dissolve their marriage. Although, there are some conditions where dissolution of marriage can only be the last resort by either of the partners in marriage, yet the almighty God doesn't support divorce and dissolution of marriage as it brings horrible aftermath for the partners in marriage.

According to religion's teaching and research, divorce or dissolution of marriage brings about some certain anomalies which include:

1. Poor upbringing of child: one of the evils of divorce is poor child-upbringing. When you divorce your husband or wife, you should be aware of the fact that your children may not get the good care they need and this will affect them both psychologically and emotionally.

2. Enmity: enmity on the part of the lovers who have dissolved their marriage is one of the evils of divorce. The partners will exhibit hostile feelings to each other and they may see each other as enemy. They may plan evil for each other as well.

3. Depletion in the beauty of the partners: When you dissolve your Marriage, your wife who have always looked beautiful to you will look hideous and you may not want to bear seeing her. Also, your husband that has always being handsome to you will look ugly to you and you will not want to bear his sight. This will be as a result of enmity that you have for you partner after you have dissolved your marriage.

Divorce or dissolution of marriage can bring everlasting enmity to the partners in marriage and it can contribute to poor child-upbringing which lead to social vices such as thuggery, burglary etc. In a society. It is advisable that a partner in marriage go on a second thought before resorting to dissolve his/her marriage.

What do you think can be solution to the rampant divorce in our society?

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