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Pregnancy period

3 dangers of painting during pregnancy

Photo Credit: Healthline

Most parents would want to undertake all of the nursery prep themselves, including painting the entire space in their favorite colors. However, painting while pregnant can be dangerous because majority of paints on the market include volatile elements that might be detrimental to the infant if inhaled by the mother.

Here are risk that will occur if a pregnant woman is exposed to paint

1 Birth defects

Photo Credit: CDC

Different paints utilize a combination of solvents to improve the paint's characteristics or drying times. The solvents have been linked to an increased risk of birth abnormalities in children. 

2 Miscarriage

Photo Credit: Healthline

Although newer paints are lead-free, old paint from walls that may need to be scraped before a fresh coat is applied could expose the pregnant lady to lead. Lead has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage.

Photo Credit: Science photo

3 Oil based paints also contains hazardous chemicals like toluene, xylene, spirit, and alkanes and long-term exposure to these chemicals can cause mental retardation and birth defects in newborns. This chemicals also contains substance that makes you feel nauseated and tired.

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