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Health Problems You Are Likely To Start Having Once You Clock 50 And How To Lower Their Risks

There are some health problems you are likely to start having once you clock 50 years old, and this is because at this age, your body begins to respond to the promptings and workings of the aging process, which begins from the cell level to the tissues and organs in the body, and the immune system is also affected in that it begins to lose its capacity to effectively defend your body, and this opens up the body to different health problems that are likely to affect it. However, in this article, I will be discussing the health problems you are likely to start having once you hit 50 and how to lower your risks.

1. According to Healthline, when you clock 50, you should understand that your body system will start growing weak due to aging, and the heart is one of the organs that may be affected the most. It can grow weaker in its ability to function properly, and you may develop a heart attack. You should start taking note of any signs like chest pain, inability to breathe deeply (shortness of breath), and back pain, among many others. You can reduce or lower your risk of developing a heart attack by engaging in regular physical activity like moderate exercise that is not strenuous, eating good and healthy foods, and avoiding excessive smoking, but it's advisable that you totally abstain from smoking.

2. Stroke is also one of the health problems you are likely to have, especially if you consume lots of high trans fat foods like fried bean cakes, etc., and you also eat foods high in cholesterol, and when this substance called cholesterol is in excess in the blood, it can clog up the blood vessels of the brain and cut oxygen supply to some parts of it, and this is what leads to stroke. You can reduce your risk of stroke by eating foods like fruits, which contain lots of powerful antioxidants that can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. You should also consume foods that have highly reduced cholesterol content; you should also exercise on a regular basis by walking over a short distance every morning; and again, as a reminder, you should avoid smoking.

3. Broken bones, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and bladder problems are also among the health problems you are likely to have once you clock fifty years of age, because at that age and with the ageing process being fully triggered in operation, you will begin to lose bones gradually, have stones crystals deposited in the kidney especially when you excessively eat foods that are high in oxalic acids, and toxins and bacteria builds more in the body to affect the bladder and the urinary tract, and also inflamed them. 

You should watch the food you eat and only eat healthy foods that contain calcium like eggs, salmon, and you should also consume fruits high in citric acids, and you should also make sure that you drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated and prevent crystalization of stones in the kidney which could happen when there is insufficient water for the kidneys to flush out harmful chemicals from the body, and the regular water intake will also help cleanse your urinary tract, thereby preventing bacteria from attaching themselves to the walls of it or inflamed it. 

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