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Why You Should Pray More At Midnight

It is very important for us to pray on a daily basis as Christians. As long as there is a man to pray then there will always be a God to answer. It is however important for us to develop the habit of praying at midnight because of these three reasons:

1. The Devil also perpetrates his evil at midnight so we need to counter and alter his works by staying awake. He is definitely not going to sleep at night because that is his hour of doing his evil and for you to overcome him, we need to pray more at midnight. He might be so vulnerable at that period of time and our prayers could wreak wonders.

2. It enhances fellowship with God and spiritual activities with fewer distractions. However, it is important that we have a good fellowship with God because He also wants to have a good relationship with us. Your relationship with Him is well built at midnight because you are denying yourself of your slim to make a date with God. You are also able to perform other special activities at midnight when you will not be distracted

3. It gives us the upper hand in spiritual welfare. Prayer tonight is a very positive way of winning spiritual warfare because you are denying yourself sleep. The enemy will not be able to come near you during that period because you are praying with much aggression and false. However, we should not get distracted doing back to you because that is a way of losing the battle.

In conclusion, one-hour prayer at midnight is more effective than praying during the day. It is actually not bad to pray during the day but there are many benefits from midnight prayers. Mind you, we are to pray without ceasing.

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