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2 Things Nigerians Should Note From Man Who Returned N90k Mistakenly Sent to Him by a POS Operator

A Nigerian Journalist has gained the heart of many Nigerians after he returned the sum of N90K which was mistakenly sent into his account. His act of Kindness is indeed rare and should serve as a lesson to all.

The POS Operator sent some money to the account number of a Nigerian Journalist. When the Journalist received the alert on his phone, he realized that about ninety thousand Naira was extra. He decided not to keep quiet and sent back the money to the POS Operator. Below are some things to note from this:

Faithful people still exist: The first thing all should note from this, is that faithful People still exist. According to reports on vanguard news Nigeria, The Journalist, who is a Christian, revealed that it is against his faith to claim any money that doesn't belong to him. Indeed, this should teach all that faithful people still exist. Although they are a lot of people that would have used the money, but this Journalist refused to go against his faith. This shows that in the midst of many unfaithful people, there is one faithful person. Below is a photo of the Journalist:

Photo credited: Vanguard news.

When the money was returned, the POS operator was so happy and could not hide his joy. The POS Operator said he never knew people with integrity still exist in Nigeria.

There is nothing better than doing the right thing: Another thing to learn from this is that here is nothing better than doing the right thing. God bless you is one of the greatest prayers. When he returned the money, the POS Operator prayed for him, saying "God bless you". Always do what is right because it is always the best option.

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