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3 Types Of Tea That Are Good For Old People

Defined as a hot drink which is prepared by adding plant leaves or other ingredients in boiling water. Tea is widely consumed around the globe and many people drink it because of the medicinal properties it contains. There are different types of tea, but this article will focus on the three healthy types, which has been proven to be very beneficial for elderly people.

The body's immune system tends to weaken as we age, thus increasing the risks of certain ailments like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, etc. In order to remain strong and healthy, aged people have been advised to reduce their intake of certain foods and drinks such as alcohol, sweetened beverages, refined foods and others. It therefore becomes necessary to seek for healthy alternatives. In this article, I will be showing you three types of tea which are healthy for aged people.

1. Green tea.

This is definitely one of the best drinks for elderly people. Green tea is quite popular and easy to prepare. All you need to do is pour some boiling water into a cup containing the tea leaves, then leave it for some minutes. Research has shown that intake of green tea lowers the risk of cognitive decline in old people, it also helps to improve brain function due to the presence of caffeine in it, which acts as a stimulant.

2. Turmeric tea. 

Turmeric is notable for its brain boosting properties, and research has shown that curcumin which is contained in turmeric helps to improve memory functions. Forgetfulness is a major sign of aging, and those who experience it are advised to consume turmeric regularly. The tea is prepared by adding grounded turmeric powder into a glass of hot water.

3. Ginger tea.

Ginger is widely used in cooking and baking. However, it is also notable for its medicinal properties. Ginger tea is prepared by peeling and slicing the flesh, which is then boiled in hot water. Research has shown that consumption of ginger tea helps to regulate blood pressure, it also assists to reduce symptoms of nausea. Elderly people should try to consume it regularly because it's good for the body. 

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