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2 Things 21-Year-Old Angel Smith Has Accomplished Through The BBNaija Platform

The Big Brother Naija show does not only serve as a source of entertainment, it also serves as a platform to help housemates show their skills to the world, draw attention to certain issues pertaining to the society/norms and also to gain fame.

Angel Smith is one of the youngest housemates on the "Shine Ya Eyes" edition of the Big Brother Naija show. Angel Smith is 21 years old and she always talks about how happy she is to be on the Big Brother Naija show at such a young age.

Here are 2 things Angel Smith has accomplished through the Big Brother Naija platform.

1. Through the Big Brother Naija platform, Angel has been able to draw more attention to the importance of mental health and the need to always pay attention to one's mental health. If you watch the show keenly, you would agree that Angel Smith is an advocate of mental health. Many viewers had little or no knowledge about the importance of mental health and Angel has been able to create more awareness through the various stories she shared about herself and how she endeavors to keep her mental health in check.

2. Angel has been able to attain fame through the Big Brother Naija platform. It is quite known that the BBNaija platform helps to raise stars and make people famous and it would be agreed that since Angel came on the show, she has become famous.

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