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Human Papillomavirus: Everything You Must Know

Human papillomavirus as many might not know, is one out of the many viral infections that is claiming the lives of many in our society today. But many are not aware.

This virus is spread through skin contact and has more than 100 variants. So when people come directly in contact with another, the transmission takes its effect. And the only way it usually happens is through sexual activities.

In other words, people who are highly sexual, have more chances of contracting the various variants of this virus. "Some variants of HPV could lead to development of some certain infections like genital warts and cancer of the cervix anus and throat".


Most often, their are no signs or symptoms when it involves this particular type of virus. But trusted sources have proven that 90% of human papillomavirus will evidently disappear after 2 years.

But even at that, within that space of time, the affected person could still transmit it to other innocent victims. And if for some reason the virus refuses to go away, then it could as well lead to other devastating health issues.

You may not know, but HPV is the leading cause of various degrees of cancers. And one who has cancer in association with HPV never sees the signs or symptoms "until they are in the latter stage, which is definitely very late".

HPV In Men

When men contract HPV infection, it does not not show symptoms, however, they may experience "genital warts lurking around".

So the wisest thing to do if you notice any form of bumps on your private area/genitals, is to immediately see a doctor. And be informed that, if the case is not attended to improper time, it could lead to the worst of the most devastating forms of cancer.

HPV In Women

Evident research have also proven that almost 80% of women are likely to contract at least one HPV infection during their lifetime. HPV virus in women could be of a lesser effect. In their own case, the virus could come and go easily, as if nothing happened.

But they may only notice some slight bumps around the genitals. If at all you notice such, do ensure to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and further treatment.

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