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Heard About How A Squirrel Tests Positive In Colorado for Bubonic Plague? (Photos)

The mess already made by the corona virus is enough for the year and we do not need any more pandemics as many lives have been lost in the past few month. The plague responsible for the deadliest pandemic in human history has recently made its way back.

According to the Twitter handle of CNN, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorised it as a re-emerging disease as a squirrel tests positive in Colorado for bubonic plague.

The Squirrel tested positive precisely on the 11th of July in a town called Morrison which made it the first plague in the country this year.

The disease has existed for centuries and is responsible for the deadliest pandemic in human history that has claimed lives of estimated 50 million people in Europe during the Black Death pandemic of the middle ages.

The Jefferson County Public Health warns that the disease affects both animal and humans if measures are not taken.

This is a public warning for all as we are still in a mess of the corona virus. Lets stay safe by all means and make sure we do not add to our problems.

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