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'Can You Write?'- See The Chats Between A Writer And His Girlfriend Asking For Money (photos)

There is a lot of drama going behind us on social media which we don't know. A post like this therefore comes in handy to reveal some things. This is a real life story. Please, read to the end and share your candid opinion.

No doubt, mature men and women get attracted to each other. There is nothing bad about that. But, if a man is trying to make a woman independent and such woman sees that man as an enemy. What should he do?

This story I am about sharing with you happen to a friend of the writer of this post( names withdrawn). He shared the chats between him and his girlfriend with me with the intention of seeking for advice from people.

What really happened? Why this? He currently dates a girl and the relationship has been going on smoothly. Due to the pandemic and the need for everyone to stay at home, this guy have not been finding it easy financially. As a result, he signed up as a content creator of Opera News Hub. You already know that a man can not be a judge in his own case. The reason why he told the writer of this post to help him writing this.

As I was saying. Lemme just show you the content of their chats and give your candid opinion. Has he done anything wrong by giving such advice?

Sincerely, did this guy do anything wrong for showing her how to make money rather than depending on him? How would you advise the young man and the lady? Share your opinion in the comment.

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