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At 18, My Daughter Is Already Running A School - Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo, the founder and general overseer of Common Wealth of Zion's Assembly (COZA) spoke at 'UPSURGE: The End of Normal' Day One, Evening Session.

He revealed that when you hear covenant, hear increase. When you hear covenant, what God is saying is increased. If you are looking for a man of the covenant, "I am him." Those of you who say why do pastors say that prosperity is next to godliness, if you prosper that is the mark that God is with you. That is exactly what we are saying. That is what I am saying emphatically because I read my Bible and once God meets someone He starts to increase Him. God told me that He prepares a banquet but his children don’t show up. They see the enemy at the gate and they turn back. They don’t know that God intended for the enemy to be seated at the table.

Whenever someone is correcting you, the man of God advised that you separate yourself from what they are saying. The first thing he wants you to see is that poverty is a curse. Poverty is not the will of God for anyone. Every promise in the Bible was made to two people – Abraham and His seed and that seed are Christ. When you put on Christ we don’t know whether you are Urhobo or Ijaw, you become Abraham’s seed too. One denomination brought Jesus to speak at their Church and told him not to do any miracles and Jesus agreed but as He was preaching, a woman came in who was bent over, He couldn’t say no to healing her because she was a seed of Abraham.

He then revealed that he was at KICC to preach and he saw Pastor Mathew's two sons the way they behave and he said “Pastor Mathew don’t tell me it’s God oh, how did you raise these boys in London and they are like this”. He told him that he sows seeds on their behalf. When he got back home he started sowing seeds for every one of his children too.

Finally, he said that he has a school that his daughter runs, she is 18 years old and she runs it. When you talk to her you will be amazed. She is in 200 Level Oral Roberts University. "If your kids are going through the challenges that you went through there is something wrong," he said. You have not broken something. God blessed Abraham in all things, there is a blessing of all things. That is the impact of the blessing.

Source: Church Gist.

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