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How To Mix And Match Different Materials Or Outfits In Order To Look Good

There are so many ways to mix and match different materials. I'll display some Outfits you can mix and match;

- Ankara top and jeans; You can actually Combine any type of Ankara material with jean trouser. This style will look very beautiful and attractive on you. They can be worn with any type of Footwears but most ladies prefer white canvas or sneakers.

- You can mix two different Ankara materials; The materials will have different designs. One of the ankara would be used to design the top while the other ankara material would be used to design the trouser.

- You can combine your Ankara material with chiffon or lace material just like the ones in the examples shown below. The top could be designed with Ankara while the bottom would be designed with lace or chiffon.

The sleeves can also be designed with Chiffon or lace while the body of the Outfit will be designed with Ankara.

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