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3 Early Signs Of High Blood Sugar Level And 2 Local Foods That Can Help Manage It

A good number of Nigerians have high blood sugar level but are usually not aware of it until it progresses to a worse level where health issues such as obesity and diabetes begins to set in. In this article I will highlight three major signs of high blood sugar level and two local foods that are very beneficial in helping to reduce it.

A level High blood sugar level refers to a persistently high level of sugar in your blood which is usually above 140mg/dL before eating and 180mg/dL after eating. This means that if you check your sugar level and it always fall within the two ranges I outlined above then you probably have a high blood sugar level which means you have to start taking necessary measures to control it before obesity and diabetes sets in.

The early symptoms of diabetes includes:

1. Frequent urination.

2. Feeling very thirsty

3. Feeling very tired.

Although these signs are not same as diagnostic results, when they occur along side a consistently high blood sugar level then you need to be worry about it and take necessary measures to reduce it or bring it to a safe level. Now the two local foods that can help reduce it include:

1. Beans Porridge. Beans contains a high level of natural fiber which helps to control and reduce your blood sugar level eventually by simply helping to slow down the absorption of sugar from your digestive tract. By doing this beans helps to prevent a spike in the level of sugar in your blood which is why it is an ideal food for people with high blood sugar level.

2. Okra Soup. Okra which is the main ingredient in okra soup also contains a food level of Fibre which help to reduce your blood sugar level by the same mechanism as beans.

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