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Opinion: Here Is Why Government Must Stop Giving Amnesty To Repentant Boko-Haram And Bandits

The decision of the Federal Government to give Amnesty to repentant Boko-Haram fighters and Bandits in a bid to persuade them to drop arms has proved not to be effective. Instead, it has arguably turned into another avenue to siphon billions of Naira, and also give more fund to these criminals. The Amnesty program for these groups should therefore be stopped as it does not have the potential to fulfill its purpose.

A little journey down the memory lane would reveal that the government has given amnesty to a good number of Boko-Haram fighters and Bandits all on the ground that they have turned a new leaf. But this has often turned out to be a deceit as done went back to their old life after the amnesty. A good example of this is the case of the mastermind behind the adoption of about 300 Kankara school students, who was given amnesty on the claim that he has repented, only for him do return back to the forest later.

Looking at the whole drama that is surrounding the amnesty program for repentant Boko-Haram fighters and Bandits, it is therefore important that the government should put it to an end. This is due to the fact that it has failed to motivate these criminals to put down their arms. Instead, the program has provided them with access to more funds and resources which has arguably aided their activities.

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