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What Do You Think About Eudoxie Yao Calling Grand P Her Ex Despite Spending Time With Him?

With the way Eudoxie Yao is calling Grand P her ex despite always staying around him, what do you think about their current friendship? There are possibilities that these two celebrities still love each other, or they haven't broken up, and she might be pulling a stunt with the ex tag on every of her post about Grand P on social media. 

Some weeks ago, Eudoxie Yao openly declared that she was no longer in a relationship with Grand P. So she now calls Grand P her ex, but they still hang out together and spend quality time. I don't think there is anyone who would believe it whenever she calls Grand P her ex.

I also think they have some kind of connection even after they broke up, or the ex is just a strategy to drag their fans attention towards them, because I have been wondering what might make Grand P still spend time with Eudoxie when they claim they are no longer together, they both have fun together, yet Eudoxie Yao still calls him her ex now and then. Is it possible they are now friends since they have broken up, or they are just joking with the breakup posts on social media?

Photo Credit: EudoxieYao/Instagram.

It is true that people that broke up hardly talk to each other or even come close to each other, but Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are still coming close to each other, having fun, and posting photos of them on social media. Some days ago, Grand P was seen carrying Eudoxie Yao on his lap, today Eudoxie Yao was seen carrying him at her back. These two look as if they were still dating, but Eudoxie Yao still calls him ex despite being very close to him.

Maybe there are other things we don't know? What might make Eudoxie call him her ex and still be as close as they used to be before? This kind of thing hardly happens. Although it might be that they are just friends now, the closeness is what makes me wonder if they are still dating or not, plus how Eudoxie Yao still calls him her ex.

Photo Credit: EudoxieYao/Instagram.

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