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Teeth Whitener is Also Part Of Fashion

We all love to look good and scroll down our pictures and find out the masterpiece those camera lens has sculptured, magnificent in the sight! Wow! But need I remind you that fashion and beauty is not based on our outlook only, personal Hygiene is also fashion.

I got some questions from my colleagues last week about why I pay attention to a persons hygiene and mostly celebrities (cause we really don’t know what goes on behind the lenses), but then my answers were precise, and I quoted “Health is Wealth”. You can not want to rock those luxury clothes and accessories and have your underarms discharge stain them in public, no! This is why we need to be more observant and diligent about our inner fashion.

The areas that are not often caught on camera, among which is the Teeth. The Enamel being the strongest part of the Teeth and the hue whitely colored most times in humans get stained due to the food we eat, sugar content present in our daily consumption and the level of bacteria discoloration. It then changes to yellowish hue. Most times it’s as a result of poor Oral hygiene and such color is the presence of dental plaques that may lead to tooth decay afterwards.

The stress of having to worry about why your gums are white or red or your enamels not white has been reduced when Teeth whitener kits got introduced. It safes time and energy of having to apply pressure to clean your colored teeth or visiting the dentist from time to time (although I don’t criticize that) rather it contains hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching substance that cleans both surfaces and inner stains. The braces tray with bleaching gel are first placed in the mouth firmly against the Teeth, excess gels that seeps over the tray unto the gums are wiped off with either the finger or cotton swabs, after an hour or two according to prescription, remove the tray and rinse your teeth then excess gels from the gums with brush. Continue routine daily .

And you don’t have to worry about your smile in photos and while laughing among your friends because white teeth are attractive and they rock all the time.

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