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Things you can do to keep your Blood Pressure in the normal range

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is very deadly if not managed properly. 

It's a situation whereby the force at which blood passes through the artery wall is unnatural and very high.

It is considered to be a propellant for cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, stroke, heart attack, and the likes.

Furthermore, the normal and healthy blood pressure range is 140/90

But there are cases where there's an upsurge and it's clocking well over 180/120, It's considered to be severe and could lead to body complications that might even result in death if not properly managed.

Meanwhile, High blood pressure can be managed and monitored.

Recommendations to help keep the pressure in the normal range are as follows:

1) Regular physical exercise:

Aerobic exercises help in curbing or controlling the upsurge of blood pressure. Exercising Activities should be carried out moderately at least five days a week. Exercises such as jogging, swimming, etc can positively impact the regulation of blood pressure in the body

2) Reduction of stressful activities 

Total avoidance of stress-related activities can also help regulate the blood pressure in the body.

Activities that constantly keep the mental and physical wellbeing in a worrisome state negatively tells on the blood pressure of the body.

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3) Smoking

Smoking also contributes negatively to the regulation of blood pressure in the body(it should be curbed in order to achieve a better result or better still stopped totally as it also damages the lungs.

Other things that can help one to regulate the blood pressure include:

a) Reducing your salt intakes

b) Moderating how much alcohol you take

c) Eating enough fruits and also vegetables

d) Trying to also manage your body weight

Doing all these above will help one manage their blood pressure level and keeping it in the normal range and always ensure you go to the market to always check your blood pressure.

Content created and supplied by: DrGeraldine (via Opera News )


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