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3 Creative Ways To Style Your Oversized Shirts

Have you ever gotten a button-down shirt for yourself or as a gift from someone only to realize it’s oversized and you wonder how to style it? 

Or perhaps wearing oversized shirts is your style but you need some tips to help you rock them better? Whichever category you fall into, in this article, I am going to be sharing a few tips that can help you up your styling game with your oversized button-down shirt.

1. Wear a pair of loose straight trousers

One of the most interesting ways to style your oversized shirt is to wear a pair of straight trousers with it to give it a more balanced look with the lower part of your body. This is more advisable for people who have very slim bodies or lower parts.

2. Wear a sizeable T-shirt underneath

With a sizeable T-shirt worn under your oversized button-down shirt, your body will be concealed giving you a bigger look that won't make the shirt look too large on you. You can throw in some colour of T-shirt that is either the same as the shirt or a complementary colour to give a contrast. You may choose to unbutton the upper part of the shirt or you can leave it unbuttoned all through making the t-shirt serve as a jacket on the t-shirt. It all depends on your preference, the weather and the occasion you're wearing it to. You can also roll up your sleeves to give the outfit a casual feel. 

3. Tuck in one side

With your oversized shirt buttoned halfway from the top, you can tuck in one front panel of your shirt into your trousers as seen in the image below to create a street style. 

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