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I Was Insulted For Preaching Against Radical Feminism - Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

Pastor Mildred Okonkwo spoke to young ladies at Just Us Girls Conference Tagged 'Revived' 2021. She revealed that she preached a few messages sometimes ago when she was asked to address the issue of Radical Feminism in marriage. She said that she preached the Word of God and didn't have an opinion and she woke up in the morning to recieve a message. "I woke up and Gideon sent me a message, blogs carrying 'Feminism in marriage is rubbish, Pastor Mildred', everywhere, people started sending me messages, the comments started, she is a fool, she should shut up, if you don't know anything don't attack it," she said. She further explained that people started to respond and when they put up the message she preached for the men, they will delete it and block the person.

"There was no balance to the message. I am constantly in flight mode. If this is what God said, I am going to say it," she continued. She then revealed her dislike for social media because people are going to say what she just said. She said that she'd rather be wrong with men and right with God than right with men and wrong with God. You have to be careful to be politically correct. "Must it be at the expense of being spiritually wrong?" She inquired.

She then explained that she is not moved when when they put up those issues. She said that people were calling her to ask if she is okay and she replied them that she is okay. She said that the worst that can happen is that they will leave social media for her because she cannot stop preaching the Gospel and that she will be ashamed of the Gospel that saved her. "When they die for me we can have a conversation but as far as I know, the only person who laid down His life for me is the Lord Jesus Christ, I am going to be preaching until He returns," she said

In conclusion, she revealed that if you are going to live a revived life you must be bold, if you are going to sustain revival, you must be bold. You must be like Daniel and his friends, that is true revival, use your full chest and serve Jesus.

Source: Church Gist

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Gideon Mildred Mildred Okonkwo


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