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#No2Hijab: Iranian Gov't Barred their First female referee from w/Cup because her legs are visible.

Everyone on earth has a dream and as well a certain level in life that one has to attain, imagine putting everything aside and pushing hard all your life to get ahead in your career.

And when you have attained that pinnacle of your accomplishments, you get stopped because your hair is not properly covered, or your mode of dressing is not in line with their belief, and your legs are visible as the case might be and their by throw away everything you have worked for.

Iranian Human right activists, Masih Alinejad took to her Twitter account to reveal how the Iranian government barred her first ever international female referee with the name Mahsa Ghorbani from participating in the world cup tournament just because she did not put on Hijab and her leg is not properly covered.

Source: Masih Alinejad's official Twitter account.

Mahsa Ghorbani

The Iranian government inaugurated the morality police whose work is to arrest women that fail to abide by the law of not putting on the hijab.

Dear esteemed readers, what can you say about this? Is the Iranian government right by stopping her to participate in the world cup?

Drop your comments in the comments section below.

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