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How to Connect Bluetooth Pioneer Car Stereo

Connecting Bluetooth (BT) to Pioneer car stereo is easy though some users find it difficult. Without beating around the bush, let us get straight to the steps to connect BT to Pioneer car stereo.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

According to Electronicshub, if you want to connect your smartphone to your Pioneer car stereo via Bluetooth, you should turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone. In place of a smartphone, you can connect other devices as well via Bluetooth. Whichever device you want to connect to, you need to turn on its Bluetooth system so that Pioneer car stereo can discover the device through Bluetooth.

Step 2: Get The Phone Menu

Press the Telephone button on your car stereo to bring up the Phone menu. When the Phone menu opens, you have to check if your car stereo is already connected to any Bluetooth or not. Only when the Bluetooth is free, you can connect your Bluetooth device successfully in simple steps. If any device is already connected, connecting your device could be challenging.

Step 3: Select BT SETTING

Pioneer car stereo with a circular button called Multi-Control(MC) dial. As the name suggests, you can select different controls and settings on your car stereo. To connect Bluetooth of your device with Pioneer car stereo, you need to use the MC dial and select BT SETTTING. Thereafter, you need to press the enter to confirm your selection.

Step 4 : Select ADD DEVICE

Now that the car stereo is ready to connect to any device via Bluetooth, it is time to get the car stereo ready to connect your device. You have to use MC dial to go to Visibility option. You need to turn it on so that your car stereo is visible to all the nearby Bluetooth devices.

Now, press the Back Arrow button to go back to the previous screen. Use the MC dial again to select the ADD DEVICE option. Press Enter to confirm your selection. Thereafter, you can select any available device and connect your device to your car stereo.

Step 5: Select Your Device

Once you confirm your Add Device choice, your car stereo will start searching for all the nearby devices with Bluetooth turned on. You will see the list of devices available, and once you see your device, you can press the MC dial to stop the search. In case your device does not appear on the device list, you can select the Re-Search option using MC dial and confirm your choice.

If you see your device on the list, see the MC dial to select your device name and press Enter to establish the connection. You might also see Not Found if the car stereo cannot find your device. In that case, you have to turn on Bluetooth connectivity and try again.

Step 6: Select Your Car Stereo

It is time to select your Pioneer car stereo to confirm that you want to connect your device with your car stereo. Use the MC dial to select Pioneer BT Unit and press Enter to confirm your selection. Thereafter, a few digit number will appear on the screen of both the devices.

Step 7: Time To Establish Connection

When you use a Pioneer car stereo to connect to any Bluetooth device and you have performed the above-mentioned steps, you will see a 6-digit number of both devices. Make sure both devices are showing the same number. Thereafter, tap on the Yes option on your device. On your car stereo, press Enter to confirm your choice and pair the devices. Once they pair successfully, you can perform any activity as possible.

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