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6 unknown factors that affect the development of Cancer

Everyone knows that heredity, smoking, alcohol and other factors affect the development of cancer. But there are many unexpected reasons for the development of oncological diseases.

This article enlightens readers with the hidden causes of cancer.

-Reason - № 1: Hot tea

Yes, a larger population of the world today are accustomed to drinking hot tea. But very few people know that hot tea can cause esophageal cancer. Oncological studies have shown that temperatures above 65 degrees damage the esophagus. 

The fact is that when hot water falls into the esophagus, it can lead to the collapse of the membrane, which does not bode well for your health. If you smoke or drink alcohol often, you are five times more likely to develop cancer.

- Reason № 2: Excess weight

Being overweight is also a factor in the development of cancer. The greater the body weight, the higher the risk. The fact is that obesity increases the likelihood of developing inflammatory processes. Weight loss will be followed by esophageal, liver and stomach cancers, as well as atherosclerosis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

- Reason №3: Tall

It was very unexpected, but really the height of the neck affects the risk of cancer. This interaction was discovered in the fifties of the last century. The taller a person is, the higher the risk of developing cancer. It is believed that tall people have more cells, so they are more likely to mutate. It is impossible to influence this factor, but tall people can take care of their health by undergoing regular examinations.

-Reason №4: Afternoon walk

The noonday sun is not considered dangerous by chance. Even a 10-15 minute walk can have a negative effect. The hot sun causes great damage to our skin. It is necessary to use 30 SPF sunscreens to protect against harmful effects. In addition, lightly tied clothing, a hat and sunglasses will help protect against cancer.

-Reason №5: bonfire and meat smoke

Strange as it may seem, these are the results of research. It has been found that people who stand too long near a barbecue or bonfire are more prone to cancer. They are more exposed to chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons through the skin. They are carcinogens and increase the likelihood of developing cancer. In this regard, it is better to wear closed clothes and protect yourself from smoke during summer parties.

-Reason №6: Work at night

Studies show that working at night can cause cancer. Although this fact may seem suspicious to you, some scientists have proved this connection in their research. Working at night leads to stress and exhaustion, which in turn leads to cancer.

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