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Biblical Principles of Prosperity

There are many teachings on prosperity. Some of these teachings do not follow biblical principles. There is therefore the need to understand the principles of biblical prosperity. This will broaden the horizon of every prosperity minded person in this area.

The original purpose of God for every human being created by God, is to live in abundance and prosper in all they do. God is a prosperous God. He owns everything. He also delights in the prosperity of every human being.

Prosperity is God's command. The first instruction He gave was to " be fruitful". His command to be fruitful includes being productive in business, academics, ministry, church, marriage and in all that we do.

Prosperity is a gift from God. He designed prosperity to meet every need of man. He desires to favor us so that we can manifest His glory. The strength and source of every genuine prosperity come from God.

From the biblical view, Jacob surrendered himself to God to receive blessings. Therefore, we must realize that if we must enjoy the fullness of God's blessings, we must surrender our lives to him. Jacob also surrendered to divine direction and protection. He surrendered his fears. He surrendered [o the power of prayer. He also surrender his worth. God is calling every man to surrender to Him. When we surrender to God, we shall enjoy His blessings. God's plan for everyone is not destroy them but give them peace, a better future and hope.

However, every prosperity minded person should have plans for themselves. Faith, truth and dependence on God does not mean folding of hands but working in line with God's principle.

Tithing - Tithing means giving to God one-tenth of all He has blessed us with. Through tithing, we express gratitude, faith and love for God. Our tithe should be an act of worship to God. It is a way to show that we believe in God and trust Him..

As we commit ourselves to pay our tithe, God will bless us genuinely.

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Biblical Principles of Prosperity


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