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Enough is enough, Mateo Kovacic sends strong massage across

Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic have joined his voice with those of his follow players to fight against online discriminatory abuse and racism. Recall that few days ago Chelsea via their official Instagram account announce their intention to boycott social media for four days.

Chelsea players have also decided to join their club and other teams across Europe to demonstrate their stand on the issue. Mateo Kovacic who is just returning from Injury is not left out as he sent a powerful message to social media companies. Check it out below.

"Football has the power to to unite people. Let's use some of that power to unite against online hate and racism"

He continued "I will be joining others in the football community for a social media boycott from April 30th - May 3rd in response to the sustained abuse received online in football. Enough is enough".

I strongly stand against any form of discrimination and racism. As a matter of fact they don't have a place in the beautiful game of football. We are all human being, black white, yellow or whatsoever colour, we must respect our feelings.


Boligo86 aka THE KATALYST

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