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Will Sowore's Attack On Osinbajo Affect His Presidential Ambition?

Omoyele Sowore is the founder of Sahara reporters. He is known to many as an activist who campaigns against bad governance.

Mr. Sowore has never hidden his dislike for the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari. He criticizes the president at every chance and appears to have just transferred that criticism to Osinbajo.

Sowore (

The vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo who is a Pentecostal pastor is believed by many Nigerians to be a gentle personality. He understands the state of the economy and empathizes with Nigerians too.

Osinbajo (

Given president Buhari will complete his tenure in 2023, many politicians are lining up to take the job after him. This can be confirmed with the various campaigns ongoing both in the media and off of it.


As a result of these projections of who will take over from president Buhari come 2023, Yemi Osinbajo, the vice president is also being projected. To many, he possess the requisite qualities that can unify and move Nigeria forward. Even a support group for his candidacy has been given a green light by the higher-ups of APC.

Osinbajo and Sowore (ECfranklin studio)

Well, so far so good, until Omoyele Sowore decided to turn his attention to Osinbajo. He has accused him of being evil and being complicit in all the sufferings Nigerians are facing. He opined that whoever is supporting Osinbajo for presidency, does not mean well for Nigerians.

All these are coming after the vice president said that president Buhari is the most popular politician in recent Nigeria. He suggested that the president is doing remarkably well, an implication Sowore feels exposes his real person.

Sowore also alleged that the reason Osinbajo said what he said and supports Buhari, is because he was promised the presidency by president Muhammadu Buhari. To this promise, Sowore feels Osinbajo is being deceived into supporting Buhari.

Question now is, will this affect Osinbajo?

Attacks such as these can torpedo a presidential ambition. It can make people see the accused as a selfish sellout, who looks out only for himself. It can make a popular candidate look like a hypocrite, that is bad for the election. It is a negative campaign actually.

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