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PDP Should Collapse Their Structures For Us. We Need Everyone To Work Together To Save Lagos—Vivour

Ahead of the state gubernatorial election on March 18 in Lagos, Labor Party LP gubernatorial candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour said he expected the People's Democratic Party, PDP, in the state to collapse its base and join him to save Lagos.

The LP contestant, more commonly known as GRV, said this in an exclusive interview with The Political Center, an online Vanguard TV show, on Tuesday.

The GRV also expressed hope that the Independent National Election Commission, CENI, would oversee a transparent election process, saying it was "prepared for the worst-case scenario."

He said:

“I have a relationship with the PDP. I come from the PDP. I have been in the PDP for six years. I am the senatorial candidate for the PDP in 2019.

“I had the most votes in the party." I know the party leaders. We understand that we must in fact have a lot of people working together, especially since this electoral process is not free and fair. They promised us to deliver the votes electronically, but that didn't happen. We witnessed bullying and harassment, as well as manipulation, at the neighborhood snack bar, LG Snack.

“So we need everyone to work together to save Lagos." We are in discussions with several parties.

“Some parties have collapsed their structures because of us." I hope PDP will collapse their structures for us.


As for INEC, he commented: “We have an injunction and a court order forcing INEC to follow the rules they set forth, and if they fail to do so, the entire election is void."

“Therefore, they have to carry out the transmission of the votes from the polling stations." That's one side.

"On the other hand, we know a lot of these people could be harmed." Just like the last election, to say the least, it's very disgraceful. So we hope for the best, but we have prepared for the worst, and we enter this election thinking that what has happened before will happen again. So we are ready for any outcome.

Source; The Vanguard Newspaper Online

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