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TOT/CHE: Chelsea Used A Build-Up Tactic That Was Commonly Utilised During The Reign Of Jose Mourinho

Chelsea emerged victorious in the London derby which was played against Tottenham Hotspur yesterday in the Premier League. The blues won convincingly with a 3-0 scoreline and the goals were scored by Thiago Silva, N'golo Kante and Antonio Rudiger.

During the game, one build-up tactic was used briefly by Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. This tactic was last utilised by legendary Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho during his reign at the club.

It has been a long time and fans would have probably forgotten about it but it was evident during the match against Tottenham Hotspur.

During Jose Mourinho's first reign as Chelsea manager, it was common to see passes being interchanged between defenders (mostly John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho) before a cross angle long-range pass was whipped into the path of an intelligent flanker (full-back or winger) who would have made a penetrating run into dangerous positions while the opponents were focused on the first-phase defensive passes.

This build-up tactic was very effective when Jose Mourinho wanted his team to bypass the midfield and feed the forward players early. On Sunday, a lot of passes were exchanged between Thiago Silva, Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen before deep cross-angled passes were sent into the path of either Mason Mount or Kai Havertz.

The tactic wasn't fully effective during the first half due to Mason Mount and Kai Havertz' inability to assert themselves in the game. But everything changed when N'golo Kante came on for Mason Mount. Then the plan became even more dangerous when Timo Werner replaced Kai Havertz.

Chelsea could have scored more goals if Timo Werner took his chances properly. It is not yet known if this build-up tactic would be fully implemented by Thomas Tuchel or it would only be used when playing counter-attacking teams like Tottenham Hotspur.

But it would certainly feel good to the Chelsea fans that their team is not limited to one style of play. It seems that Thomas Tuchel now understands that one type of build-up tactic would be exposed in the Premier League. Implementing another method is the best decision for the German manager and he must be praised for it.

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