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2 Lessons For The South-East From The Story of A Boko Haram Leader Killed By His Group

The story of a deceased Boko Haram leader may have gone viral after Babajide Otitoju narrated it recently. The Journalist made the revelation while speaking concerning the recent attacks that followed the sit-at-home order in the South-East.

Therefore, there are two lessons from the story of Mamman Nur that could benefit the South-East.

You may have heard that unknown armed men attacked some states in the South-East on Monday. Some people claim that the attack is related to the Monday sit-at-home order. The attacks have persisted even after IPOB claims it has called off its sit-at-home order. Babajide Otitoju has since spoken concerning the development while citing the story of Mamman Nur.

Groups tend to spiral out of control. Babajide revealed that Mamman was the leader of a faction that split from the Shekau-led Boko Haram group. Mamman was also a father figure within the terrorist group, as he married the widow of Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of Boko Haram. However, all these factors did not stop members of Mamman's faction from detaining him long before they finally decided to kill him. Groups spiral out of control, and they could eventually start hurting the same people they claim to serve or protect. Mamman got killed by the same men he commanded, yet the same could happen to anyone or any group of people. Even those who founded groups can lose total control of the group, and anarchy may follow. The South-East should consider Senator Enyinnaya's recent revelation that more than 30 separatist groups are in the region. According to Babajide, these groups may have started to spiral out of control, as they often do.

Mamman got killed for trying to embrace peace. Extremism is not a path to be encouraged in the pursuit of ideas or changes. Mamman harboured extremists within his group, and he paid dearly for it with his life. Babajide revealed that members of the terrorist group suspected that Mamman was trying to make the group embrace peace; they acted quickly by detaining Mamman before eventually killing the leader. A group of people that exhibit characters of extremism should not be permitted. Extremists often exploit the chaos they create, and the South-East should assist security officers in arresting the enemies of peace in the region. Mamman's case teaches us that harbouring enemies of peace has its consequences.

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